Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ava's Secret...Move Over Victoria

I had some enticing coupons to Victoria's Secret so Ava and I headed to the mall. After trying on about five bras I turned around in the dressing room and saw this -

Checking from another angle

She also informed me, "Mommy, I like your bops in that one."

So glad I had a girl.
All this mommy-and-me time could have led to a very confused son.

Many of you have already seen this picture, but here's my winter princess...sans bra.

I apologize to the few males who read this blog (grandpas mostly). I'll try to limit the 'bop' talk in future posts.


jacksonsmommy said...

LOVE IT!!! So cute! I love the last pic too, what an angel!

Carrie said...

HA! That is amazing! Those pictures will definitely have to come out of storage when she comes home with her fiance one day. :)

A very very very long time from now. :)

The Ritz Family said...

Glad to see my daughter is not the only curious one about the future!!!! I find Cameron doing the same thing while I am folding cloths!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pops said, glad Ava has big dreams.
Baba says that Ava is going to be mad someday when she figures out about how many people saw this blog.

Adriane said...

I love it! "Bops" makes me smile. :-)