Monday, July 27, 2009

Home is where your KitchenAid Stand Mixer is

We’re almost completely unpacked and settled into our new home. The past week has been one of the most exhausting times of my life, including the week before my inorganic chemistry final and the week after Ava was born. My “muscles” are screaming and my whole body is begging for a visit to the chiropractor. Without the help of some of the best friends and family anyone could have we would still be working. I won’t pretend we haven’t had some tense, tearful, fitful and tantrumish moments (and I’m not just talking about Ava), but overall the experience has been a positive one. Here are just a few of the things I am so thankful for, in no particular order:
*Adorable Laura Ashley paint colors that turned a drab apartment into home
*Family and friends who kept, entertained, and loved on Ms. Ava
*A great grandmother who sponsored moving costs and the first month rent and deposit
*Sweet friends who let us use their fancy U-Haul boxes and threw us a pizza-themed goodbye dinner
*Starbucks coffee (to all of you Pikes Place haters I say grrr)
*Cloudy days
*A mom who kept Ava and me company on the way to Norman and scrubbed our old house clean, according to her own lofty standards
*Josh’s Velociraptor toes that make any bed anywhere feel like home
*Precious friends who helped us pack boxes even through they had their own moving business to attend to, and cried tears for us when ours were all gone
*Clean McDonalds bathrooms along I-35 West
*A dad who drove his own truck hauling the trailer he provided when he had 1000 other things to do
*Gilmore Girls DVDs
*A father-in-law who dug in the stifling blue storage bin for various essentials
*Lapboards for appliqué work on the road
*A friend who loaded the heaviest of things, drove his own truck to Norman hauling a U-Haul trailer, unloaded the heaviest of things and stayed in a box-cramped apartment with us until it felt like home
*A baby girl who declared our new home “a castle”
*Gavin Degraw’s Exclusive Live Session available on iTunes and highly recommended…wow, it’s good to the last drop
*A mother-in-law who ripped curtains from her own window to make our new place feel more homey
*In The Raw sushi at 9:00 pm
*Frida, my pink KitchenAid Stand Mixer, who makes every kitchen look like a page out of the Williams-Sonoma catalog
*New friends who sacrificed Bar Prep time to hang out with us
*DVR, where The Wonder Pets, My Friends Tigger and Pooh, and Little Einsteins are always available
*An apartment where all bills are included
*That the Official Lockett Holiday season kicks off in only three months (10/31 – Halloween, 11/2 – Josh’s birthday, 11/15 – my birthday, 11/last Thursday – Thanksgiving, 12/25 - Christmas, 12/31- New Years Eve, 1/1 – our anniversary, 1/22 – Ava’s birthday, 2/14 – Valentines Day----thus, Official Lockett Holiday Season )
*Friends who call and check on us in the midst of their own crazy lives
*Anna Karenina on audiobook
*The fact that law school is only three years long
What are you thankful for today? Please comment below and add to my thankful list or create your own thankful post!
***Pictures to come as soon as we get back to OK. We're in TX for a few days while Josh attends a Chelsea Football Club game and I see the eye doctor.


Anonymous said...

I just love your post they keep me grounded in what life is really about and that is family. So in letting you know what I am thankful for it is FAMILY. Without my family all my moves in Texas as a coaches wife would have be very hard. I will keep the Oklahoma Lockett family in my daily prayers.

Teri Baldridge

k and c's mom said...

Welcome to Oklahoma. Not that I live there. I'm thankful that I will be in Maine for a week where the high is about 75 degrees while central Texas churns out 100 plus degree days for two months in a row.I'm thankful to get to see your Mom this week. She is a plumb line in my life, and I need her no-nonsense wisdom now more then ever.

Hannah B. said...

I'm thankful for You because you wrote me a wonderful recommendation letter that had impeccable grammar and your usual charm. This letter helped me to be granted enough money to have a credit balance this semester and helped me to even send back a bit of my loan money :D

So thank you for you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for lunches spent with a sweet friend who includes us when
she comes back for a short visit. I love you sweet friend who I will
miss everyday. I hope all those people in OK know how lucky they are.
I'm thankful for 3 wonderful years with a friend that will live in my
heart for all of my life.