Saturday, July 11, 2009

You're doing fine Oklahoma, Oklahoma OK!

We were so excited to have Cam back from the mountains. He came to have dinner and catch up with his main squeeze...sorry Michelle, his second-main squeeze;)

I don't know who is having more fun here.

Ava's not so sure about this view.

Sewing has been my favorite passtime this summer (it has now taken a backseat to packing, ick). This is an apron I made for a sweet teacher friend.

When I was pregnant with Ava I received the most wonderful gift from Robyn Farmer. We had seen Hooter Hiders for sale in some fancy baby boutiques for bazillions of dollars. Robyn went home and sewed together her own version of the H.H.'s. I was so lucky to be the recipient of one. I like her version even better because the fabric was so soft and it didn't have the awkward metal ribbing to make the neck rigid (which is supposed to let the mom see baby, but also allows anyone near the H.H. to see baby too...thus defeating the purpose). I used my Homemade H.H. every single day for 18 months. It was laundered a million times, spit up on, pooped on, and held up beautifully. My mom started thinking of ways to make the H.H.H. even more functional. She added a little more fabric all the way around and an adjustable neck strap. Oh, and she calls her version a Nursing Drape...if you know my mom you know the modesty that demands this more clinical christening, but I digress. When I started sewing a few weeks ago, of course I began with the H.H.H./ N.D. I'm calling my version of these creations Nurz (a variation of Ava's request to "nur"). Anyway, my first few creations have been given as gifts to sweet new mamas. However, I'm hoping to be able to sell some as well. If you'd be interested in purchasing a Nurz from me for $30 please email ( or call (979)204-9607. The ones pictured below are available now, or I can customize if you have specific colors or themes you'd prefer. The names of the Nurz are written in blue.

Bluebird Nurz - a sweet print for a baby boy or girl.

Sweet blue birds on the front, small-print green floral on the back (I also have a version with red and tiny white polka dots on the back)

Black and White Damask Nurz - a dressy fabric, ideal for church or another more formal occasion.

This Nurz is the same fabric front and back.

Pink Blossom Nurz- a stylish choice, very Anthropologie-ish

Vines with pink blossoms on the front, small-print pink floral on the back

Bright Flowers Nurz- would make any stylish young mama smile.

Bright floral on the front, coordinating stripes on the back

Blue Paisley Nurz- great for any mommy with a baby boy.

Paisley on the front, blue small-print floral on the back

Summer brings out the little homemaker in me. I made some chocolate desserts for our trip to Lake Travis for the 4th of July.
Paula Deen's Chocolate Chip Pound Cake and Kahlua Bread pudding...yum.

We had a blast with our sweet family. Here are Becca , Ava, and some water balloons in her little pool.

Swimming with Pops

Laughing with Baba in the pool

Enjoying time with Uncle Brandon and Uncle Gary

Walking with Pops and Uncle Nate to see fireworks.

Cory teases Ava about her pouty shy face.

Aunt Sarah, Ava, and Uncle Brandon play opossum.

Two pools? Double the fun!

Ava, Aunt Sarah, Auntie M and Becca soaked up some rays.

On Sunday we celebrated Aiden and Brayden's second birthday at McDonalds. None of the kiddos were enthused about this picture, they were ready to play.

Way up high.

It was a day to celebrate Holly and E.J. too. They not only survived parenting twins for two years, but made it look good!

No fear of the big slide

Silly girls

Ready to dig in

Serving up cake to the birthday twins.

Smiley Ava with Uncle Nate

From the party we headed to Frost. Ava loves her time spent with Beene Beene. We are not usually allowed in the Beene Palace, Ava closes the door and demands to have her great-grandomother all to herself. I sneaked in and captured this sweet shot.

We received word that our apartment in Norman was ready so we headed north on I-35 to claim our territory Sooner-style.
An angel of mercy pushed our paperwork through superfast.
Thanks a million Karla!

Our friendly neighborhood apartment manager hands over the keys.

This is all you'll see of our new place until I have "after" pictures to post along with the "before" shots. I'm afraid some of you who love us dearly would try to talk us out of it. However, I have no doubt that we can make our new apartment feel like home. Isn't the lowercase "d" so cute?

Sweet friends took us to a great Thai restaurant for dinner, AND let us crash at their house last minute.

Visible from most everywhere in town

I think I was the most excited about finding this farmers market. I have visions of:

* Ava and I pulling a wagon full of veggies and fruit to take home and cook for a study-weary Josh
*sipping hot cider when the first cool front blows through and picking out acorn squash for my favorite bisque (recipe to come when the weather gets cooler)
*choosing our pumpkins for carving in October
*meeting new friends who also support local growers.

Shiny happy people holding hands

Picture-perfect peaches, no pesky pesticides or preservatives

Josh bought some tomatoes from two shrewd businesswomen.

It wouldn't be a Lockett trip to Norman without some rain.

Happy temperatures mid-July! It's not always this cool of course, but we'll take what we can get.

We stumbled across this little gem on our way out of town.

The pizza was divine.

I kept myself very busy on our ride to Oklahoma and back.

It's hanging in a place of honor above our sink, and it will not be used...ever.

I had one of those teacher-mommy moments at home with Ava on Saturday. Usually we put water in her play sink and she splashes and plays for hours. The only downside to this is that the second her shirt gets any water on it she takes it off and refuses to redress. I decided to try and use rice instead of water. I remember having loads of fun with my little kiddos in toddler classrooms with rice. Except at the childcare center we have custodians, you cannot imagine the mess.

Rice in the sink, on the counter, and on the floor near the play kitchen.

I followed the rice trail that led out of the real kitchen.
Rice in the living room.

Rice in the hall.

And this is what I found.
With rice.
And water from her sink.
Oh, this girl.

Josh and I are planning to paint our new place this week and start moving as soon as possible. We hope to get settled in before Josh starts orientation mid-August. We've had some nibbles on our house, so keep those prayers coming!


k and c's mom said...

Thanks for such a cheery post, Autumn! My sister and I loved reading it. I think I feel a road trip north in my future, along with your mother (the maker of the Drape/anti-HH!)

Anonymous said...

Ok you two!!! I think Nursing Drape is a great name.
I am going to miss my little family of three but I know God is in control and will bless them all the way. I am so proud of them! If they only knew the faith builder it is for Chris and I. God is so good!!!!!

Mom, Baba

Ritzy Ribbons said...

I wish you were making the H.H./ Nurshing Drape and couple of years ago!!! I could have used some!!! I had to buy the expensive one and it seemed a like there was not enough material to cover everything. I also had trouble with the wind wanting to blow up the sides so I put a strap around the back of mine to stop it from blowing up!!! It worked great!

Canderson said...

I am seriously upset that we didn't meet sooner. I think we could have had some fun sewing and crafting. I love your fabric choices. Do you like Amy Butler fabrics? I love her designs. Good luck with the apartment painting. I know it is exhausting, but the fixer-uppers are always more fun because you know YOU did it! It was also funny that you mentioned not liking the expensive H.H. I have always thought the boning in the H.H. would be a "privacy issue." :) Plus, it is so much more fun to make something for someone yourself (or buy it from someone who made it with love).

Jill said...

Thank you for the tips on the pictures! I will try that for sure! I love all your craft projects!!