Saturday, August 1, 2009

Officialy Sooners

Ava makes tea at our old house, in her panties of else?

Playing with Michelle and silly string while we packed up, I think Cam may have been behind this.

To appreciate this picture you have to know the story. Cam stayed the last night with us in our house. He graciously volunteered to drive his truck and pull a U Haul to Norman, and since we were leaving at the BCD (a Chris Raines-ism that you can ask him about) he decided to sleep over. It was a teary night for all, and we were thankful to have him. In this shot Cam was "seeking" Ava after counting to 10 on the mattress right next to her. This was her hiding spot.

Almost ready for bed in our almost empty house.

The day Ava moved in...

The day Ava moved out

Goodbye green house, we hope you sell soon!

Ted's has become our new Ninfa's. Complimentary salsa, chips, atomic salsa, carrot-jalapeno-onion relish, queso, tortillas AND SOPAPILLAS! Here we are waiting for lunch.

These two are like siblings, we love you son.

Queso so yummy Ava eats it with a spoon.

Sopapillas require licking of cheeks to make sure ya' get it all.

Visiting the Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge in OKC

Ava helped Cam paint pegs to hang my Fiesta pitchers.

So cute

Enjoying "coffee" in her new house.
I asked her yesterday if she like her new house, she responded,
"No, I love my new castle."

Checking out Daddy's new school

the seal

This one's going in the "We've Moved" cards.

Snuggling with friends.
We do not undress her for nap; the child does not like to wear clothes.

Moving the last of our stuff up from Texas.
Ava was so sick of being in the car.

We were TRILLED to unpack our last box.


Ava James has arrived!

On our way to FBC Mertens for the last time last Sunday morning I noticed how beautiful the surrounding prairie was. In my heart I'll always be a west Texas girl, and the flat farmland around Frost and Mertens reminds me of the home I loved for three years. It's so funny that the colors of the sky, earth, and plants are the same scheme we chose for our home. Check out the walls to see what I mean.

Here it is. Finally. The finished product.
You MUST check out the before pictures here before you scroll down. We're still working on how to hang curtains for the living room(ahem, Gordon please come soon). I'm going to make curtains for our room and Ava's room. I'm also going to make a "skirt" for the bathroom sink. Other than that I'm really pleased with our new "castle".

This is the view as soon as you open the front door.

View to the right, the dining room.

The view to the left, the living room.


Entrance to Ava's room

Organized chaos

The pantry. Absolutely amazing.
In Starbucks terms, it's a Venti sized pantry in a Tall sized apartment.

Gordon made me this trashcan for Chrismas, precious huh?

He cut this out at the bottom. Everytime we throw something away we trash TU.
Mwuahahahaha! *evil laughter*

The kitchen

See my cutesypie towels hanging on the cabinets down low?

My most recent craft project

Entrance to our bedroom

Creative chaos

The bathroom, Cam is working on a customized shelving system for us.
We can't wait!

So that's it. What do you think?


The Farmers said...

I love it! We can't wait to come and stay on your couch. I'm gonna be so upset if they make you paint it back. They need to see the beautiful home you have created.

Anonymous said...

The apartment looks adorable! You are so creative! Every inch is so cute. Glad you guys are moved in.

Love you all,
Baba, Mom

Claire's World said...

You did an amazing job on making your apartment become your home!!! Wonderful job! I think it is VERY cute!!!

Kristyn said...

So cute! If we move to an apt after this, I will be begging you for space-saving tips. You have (not surprisingly) done A LOT with a little- no wonder Ava loves her castle! Are they going to let you keep the paint?

Anonymous said...

It looks great, but I never had a doubt that it wouldn't. Thanks for the recipe. It was a hit, and kiss Miss Ava James for me.Did you start work yet?

Anonymous said...

So glad you found Ted's. It is wonderful. Whenever we are in OK it is a must! Good for you on your decision to stay with your sweet princess! I know it is hard to be away from family but I truly hope you will grow to love OK as much as we have grown to love TX.

Your Sooner neighbor from Spring Valley - Kara