Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A New Home

On May 10th, I sent Josh a text that said, "House house should."  This isn't very out of the ordinary for us.  He's accustomed to my spastic texting and we had casually started talking about keeping an eye out for a house that would be a better fit for our growing brood.

I have somewhat eclectic taste in houses, and the only common thread among the masses of listings I sent him was a gas stove top in the kitchen because I'm super done with electric sadness.  He had been whack-a-mole hammering every house I sent until this one.  He agreed we should see it, and the best realtor in the whole universe showed it to us that night.  I felt the same electric buzz of home that happened when we walked into our old house, Josh agreed, the kids ran barefoot laps, and we all voted a big yes! 

It was going to be a tricky business because of the type of listing and the need to sell our house quickly, but we decided to try.  We listed our house on Friday, May 19th, and it went live Saturday morning.  We had nine showings in 36 hours and Sunday evening someone made the right offer.  Our "House house should" was still available so we snatched it up, thanks to the best mortgage broker in the whole universe, and the rest is history!

Okay, so maybe there have been a few hiccups in the process and it's been hectic and stressful to manage a move and our respective crazy careers at the apex of recruiting season and oral argument prep and wrangle three kids while maintaining the growth of a fourth kid and keep friendships and family relationships alive and, oh yeah, only one of us can have adult beverages, but we've done it!

I will post more pictures of our new home once we're settled in, but for now you can take a look at the pictures that inspired my initial text and Josh's consent.  I've known our new neighborhood for a long time now, and it's perfect for us.  The area is very quiet and our backyard opens to a quiet little golf course with lots of "sandboxes!" according to Lev (sand traps).  There aren't many houses in the neighborhood and we share access to a pool at the end of the street.  It's closer to work for me, though a little farther for Josh.  All in all, we think it's going to be a great fit for our growing family and we're excited to start making it home!

Front view

Front close-up

Living room

Living room view of entry and stairs

Dining room

Dining room view of entry

Dining room view of front

You guys, you guys, The Kitchen

Kitchen view from backdoor

Kitchen view from kids' living room

Kitchen view from dining room

Breakfast nook area from kids' living room

Kids' living room with their very own cozy fireplace!

Kids' living room and breakfast nook

Kids' living room view of kitchen and breakfast nook into living room

Master bedroom

Master bedroom into bathroom and entry

Master bathroom and master closet

Master bathroom into bedroom


Our old house was built in the 70's and our whole "master bathroom" could have fit in this tub space.  I'm so excited to have a big tub for bathing stinky kids!

 Master closet/
Hugo's nighttime sleeping room for the first few weeks until we're settled

Half bath in entry

All the kiddos' rooms are upstairs, while the master bedroom is downstairs.  This will be new for us, but I think it'll be a good thing as the kids get older.  For now, we'll set up the video monitor in the upstairs hall in case they need us for anything at night.

Ava's room

Ava's room looking into hall (Lev's door on left side of hall), her gigantic closet, and girls' entrance to Jack-and-Jill kids' bathroom

Girls' sink and storage area of bathroom

Think of all the hair bows!

Kids' bath/shower

Boys' sink and storage area of bathroom

Hugo's room looking into hallway and bathroom door directly across and his closet

Hugo's view

Lev's Lair
(Bonus room)

Lev chose this room because of the stairs and cool ceiling

A real laundry room!
In our old house we have a stacked washer and dryer in our hallway

Come see us!

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