Sunday, April 9, 2017

Four's A Ramble!

Oh dearest darlingest baby girl,
You are so loved.  Your big sister has been dreaming of you since she knew what a sister was.  Your dad and I have talked ourselves into and out of and into again the idea of a fourth child, but in the end we knew our family wasn't finished yet.  But now you're growing and we've seen you and heard your beautiful little heartbeat, and we feel complete.  I apologize now for all the kisses and hugs and babying for too long that's sure to come in your future.  There's a lot of love and an equal amount of crazy, which is why adding you to the mix makes total sense.  I'm sure people who see us out with your crazy siblings, you'll understand about the wonder that is your brother Levin soon enough, think we need another like a boat needs a hole, but we're ready!

And now, about the business of your name.  We've had your first name ready since we chose your big sister's.  Dad and I planned on having three girls named after three glamorous old movie stars, Ava Gardner, Ingrid Bergman, and Grace Kelly.  But your brothers happened instead. So, your first name is Ingrid.  Ava and Levin share a V in the middle of their names, and you and your beautiful brother Hugo will share a G.  Ingrid means fair and beautiful, and we have big dreams that your kindness will bring fairness and beauty to our world.

Your middle name probably could use a blog post all to itself.  The past year has been a trying time in  our country, baby girl.  I truly believe most of us want the same basic things for ourselves and fellow citizens of this country and the world, but we all have dramatically different ideas about how to get there.  This tension between the sides has led to a lot of hurt.  Through this time, a brave Oklahoma girl, Elizabeth Warren, who was also the baby of four siblings and worked very hard and keeps persisting, has been a bright shiny star.  So, your dad and I chose her last name to be your middle name.  It's a strong name, and usually a name for a boy.  But, that's okay too because your big sister rocks a boy's middle name and you will learn to love it.  The name we chose also has an interesting meaning, park keeper.  A group of people who have stood strong for science and our natural resources in these recent crazy months are our National Park Rangers, so your middle name has even more significance.  It's powerful and we hope it represents the strong Oklahoma girl you'll become.

So, Ingrid Warren Lockett, we love you.  We have high hopes for your future, and can't wait for you and your amazing superhero siblings to blow us all away.

Your Old Mom

P.S.  Your insistance on spicy pickled jalapeños and Miso Soup lets me know you have your own ideas about things, and we're A okay with that too!

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