Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Midwinter Ramblings

Look at me blogging twice in 2015!  We've been doing a lot of sprucing around our house, and I hope to post some really dramatic after pictures in the next few months.  

Once again, I'm thankful for a job that allows me flexibility to pop in and out of the daily lives of our little ones.  The other day Uncle Nate and I took Lev on a field trip to Atwoods.  We were hoping to see some baby animals, but the weather is still too cold.  Lev was begging for some of the store's display balloons and I told him no.  A kind, older gentleman overheard his plight and quickly used his pocket knife to free the balloons.  He handed them over to Lev, who had picked out the perfect hat for balloon wrangling.  We rambled around the store for half an hour with balloons in-toe.  I returned them to the decorative sign before we left, and he was just fine with leaving them.  And don't worry,  I have made a mental note to go back and get that darling hat for his birthday in March.

Ava James continues to rock elementary school.  She's happy, confident, and has precious friends.  She earned a citizenship award, and Josh and I were so happy to celebrate her at the morning assembly.  


It's so hard to believe she turned 8 this week!  Here's a quick look back at Ava over the years.  I love that she cries "happy tears, no really Mama, I'm so happy I can't help it" when she watches a movie with a sappy ending, goes from wanting to smack Levin and trade him in for another model to holding him and smothering him with kisses in four seconds flat, gave up hairbows but still lives for a sparkly, twirly skirt, and that she'll still crawl into bed with us when the thunder or her dreams are spooky.  We love her to pieces!

Levin is a boy who loves hats and directing.  Of course, we are happy to oblige him.

And keeping with the theme of babies growing up, our Levy Bear moved into his own room this month.  The transition has been seamless and I only sneak into his room and sniff the dandelion fluff on top of his head a few times each night.

Sister talked a big game about how it was high time for Lev to sleep on his own, but then she was super concerned about him falling down the stairs or being afraid if his nightlight went out.  Being a big sister is such a paradox.

I'll end with a shot of my sweets enjoying some homemade whipped cream. 

This week has been rough, and I'm so thankful for these two little bright spots, caring friends, and the most doting husband.  I had a little medical scare over the past few weeks that resulted in my first surgery ever, a few days of anxious waiting for test results, and a longer recovery than I wanted to submit to.  I was so relieved when the doctor called yesterday to let me know the results all looked normal, and I'm on my way to a full recovery.  Doing my best to rest (not my forte), keep up with work, and spend as much time with my littles as possible.  

We are looking ahead to spring days, and maybe one good blizzard before those warm days settle in for good?  We have cute snow clothes and a lovely fireplace, and we'd really like to use them!

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