Monday, November 7, 2011

Tuppence a Bag

 That's right.  You've been warned.  After washing the sheets, pillow cases, and duvet covers I put the guys in charge of putting them back on the beds.  This is how I found them:

At first I thought they were just horsing around.  Then I realized the gears were really turning.

Stifling a giggle, I snapped away.

See what they're doing?

It's working.

Almost done

Teamwork at its best

Do you think this is how Martha Stewart puts on her duvet covers?

Here's another person cracking me up these days:

We've had a lazy week and weekend.  Lots of time logged at the park and in the kitchen.

The leaves are turning and falling, just beautiful.

This is the view on our walk to the grocery store.  See the mountains in the background?

*This is your cue to start singing "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins.*

We crumbled bread into tiny pieces and kept our hands very still.

Soon the little birds were hopping over to us.

Look at Ava's face.  She's not too sure about those pointy beaks.

She ended up loving it and didn't want to leave.

More mountains on our way home from the park

We recycle cartons, plastic bottles and other non glass and aluminum items at the back of the grocery store.

After a windy night, most of the leaves on the park trees were blanketing the grass.

Oh sassy girl

On a walk around the lake, barely able to see the mountains through the lake fog.

Two sassy scooter girls

This tree is just outside our apartment.

On Sunday afternoon (early morning for the Texans) Baba and Pops Skyped with us and read a book to Ava.

Later, Ava passed along the favor and read princess stories to Josh.

After all the traveling and sight-seeing it was so nice to spend some time at home.  We have some BIG plans coming soon that will certainly make for more exciting blog posts!

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