Monday, November 28, 2011

Disneyland Paris! Chapter 1

If you've been following along with my blog over the past couple of months you know that Ava is a trooper.  Sure, she's getting to experience Europe at age 4.  But when you're 4 I'm sure it feels a little like you're being drug through a bunch of dusty castles and pulled along some very gnarled cobblestone streets.  Soon after we arrived in Switzerland we started planning a trip to Disneyland Paris with the Bunsons.  None of the Locketts had ever been to a Disney park before and this one was too close and affordable (due to us being able to travel when the park is between peak seasons) not to visit.  The night before we left for Paris this is how we found Ava:

In her almost too-small Rapunzel dress watching Mary Poppins.  A prime candidate for a Disney trip if I ever saw one.

We left early Thursday morning and arrived at the main train station in Paris right around noon.

We quickly hopped on the RER (metro train system) and headed along the 30 minute ride to Disneyland Paris.

The guys stood with our bulky luggage while we kept the girls entertained.  The train announcer kept mentioning our ultimate destination and so I faked some coughing fits to cover.

Our final stop

The girls still had no clue as we walked toward the escalators.

Standing in half shock/ half trying to guess where we were.
A playground?
A zoo?
Six flags?



Gabby, who has been to Disney many times and knew exactly the fun that was coming her way, started running laps around all of us in excitement.
Ava, happy but no idea how happy she should be, hugged us both.

Cole was also thrilled, though he knew about the surprise.  He had trouble sleeping the night before because he was so excited.

A little window shopping at the hotel gift shop while the daddies checked us in.

Minnie Mouse ear muffs

How magical that our first Disney character to get an autograph from and pictures with was Mickey himself?

While Josh was busy checking us in Mickey came up behind him and tickled his ribs.  Josh's response was to elbow him.  Whoops.  His excuse?  "Sorry Mickey, I thought you were my wife."  Yep.  Josh admitted to Mickey that he beats me.  Lovely.

We had a few hours in the park after check-in and lunch.

All four of us were ready to go.

At the front of Main Street Disney with Sleeping Beauty's castle in the background.

Our first ride, quintessential Dumbo of course.

I think we all felt 4-years-old for our entire stay at Disneyland.

Cheesing it up

The Aristocats window, probably Ava's most-requested movie choice

Under the big Christmas tree

After we missed getting to see Snow White the girls were a little disappointed.  We decided that it was a good time tell them about the Princess Dinner we had scheduled for Saturday night.

"Second star to the right and straight on to morning!"  We all adored the Flight of Peter Pan ride.  I think we ended up riding it about five times during our stay.

As the sun set the park really came alive with lights.

Josh and Cole were noticeably excited to ride the Teacups.

"Fabulous", in the words of Josh.

Carousel ride
Yes, we all had to buckle ourselves onto the horses.  The buckle checks took longer than the ride.  Is this something new?  I've never heard of buckling onto a carousel.

Our first princess signature and photo, Jasmine and Aladdin.

The Buzz Lightyear Ride was a ton of fun.

We caught part of the light parade on our way back to the hotel.

Sweets with the sweets

Disney magic + Christmas magic = Ridiculous amounts of magic

We left the park on Thursday night and spent all day Friday in the city of Paris.  We did catch Pluto on our way out for the day.

Walking through Disney Village on our way to the train

The three kiddos and the giant tree just behind our hotel

  On Saturday morning we woke up ready to play all day.

"Come on Mom, quit with the pictures."

Riding the space ride with Daddy

Daddy and Prince Phillip

The boys with The Sword in the Stone

Inside Sleeping Beauty's castle we walked through the story of Aurora.

The story was written in French, so Daddy and Suzan told the story in their own words.

Blogger is not loving my super-long posts and it keeps losing my pictures and text when I add more. I'll post another chapter of Disneyland Paris in a separate post.

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