Friday, July 22, 2011

A New Addition!

Well folks, Josh and I have some pretty important news to share with you.

Can you guess what our big news is?

We're adding a new member to our family.  And no, the two pictures above have absolutely nothing to do with that addition.  Mwuahaha!  I am NOT pregnant.  (Are you kidding me? My jeans are just barely fitting comfortably after Ava James.  Not ready to wreck my body quite yet, thank you very much.)

We are adding this dapper young fella' to our family for the fall semester!

Remember our Switzerland adventure?  After much discussion and planning, begging and reasoning we've all decided that Cole will be joining us.  He will be an amazing companion to Ava and I as Josh figures out law school in a foreign country, and I will teach Cole and make sure he keeps up with his 8th grade peers back here in Norman.  I know it might sound like a strange idea to some of you.  I'm willing to bet this isn't the first thing you've read on our blog that made you scratch your head.  I'll say what I always say when people think we're nuts, "It works for us."  And it does.  We're thrilled!  I cannot believe the peace of mind and relief I've felt since Cole's ticket was purchased.

Can you imagine all the fun we're going to have?

 I sure hope Switzerland is ready for the four of us!

A sincere thanks to Brother Pastor, Pixie, and Tanner for sharing their Cole with us.  We love you Randalls more than words can express, and are humbled by your confidence and trust.


Susie said...

You little turkey!! How exciting for the fam.

Tammy said...

You got me. I was already running through the house screaming Autumn's pregnant when I saw the picture of the stick. Love you Turkey.

Jill said...

I hope your parents don't kill you after that one!