Saturday, May 14, 2011

To the Land of Chocolate, Knives, and Clocks

Josh, Ava, and I will be traveling to Lucerne, Switzerland for the fall semester!

When Josh decided to go to law school, we both really hoped to be able to travel.  Studying abroad seemed like a fantastic way to find out if our little family enjoyed moving about the globe.  Thanks to the generosity of family, friends, alumni, and law school faculty, Josh has an amazing opportunity to study international law at the University of Lucerne.

We chose Lucerne for a number of reasons.  A delightful exchange student from UL was studying at OU when we were making our decision.  It was reassuring to talk with someone who actually lived in the town, attended the law program, and could clue us in on everything we needed to know.  She also brought us Swiss chocolates, which totally sealed the deal for the Bave and me.

Switzerland is gorgeous, and the amount of English speakers will make it a great spot for us to test our shaky travel legs.  I am hoping to put Ava in a school, at least part time, so she can experience the languages (French and German) and culture of the area.  Don't worry Grandmas, I'm planning to volunteer at the school while she's there.

Because Ava and I are, evidently, too much for the country to handle for more than 90 days, Josh will be heading over alone on September 8.  His student visa allows him to stay for the duration of the academic semester.  Ava and I won't leave until September 21.  Our family has never been separated for that long before.  Also, Ava's never been on an airplane.  Oh, and none of us have flown internationally (unless you count Mexico).  Just getting to Lucerne will be an adventure, but we could not be more thrilled.  We'll all return to Texas together on December 20.

While Josh spends his days here, studying law:

Ava and I will spend our days here, studying the slopes:

Just when we thought this whole trip couldn't get any better I learned that one of my oldest and dearest friends and her Army hubby will be moving to Vencinza, Italy (256 miles, a short train ride, from Lucerne) in mid September!

Oh, did I mention Josh's classes are pass/fail?!
We are all giddy and thankful and humbled by this amazing, hopefully not 'once in a lifetime' opportunity.  We are so happy to finally have plane tickets and officially announce it to our bloggy friends!


Jill Williams said...

Amazing news! Congratulations to you all!

Haffner's World said...

What an adventure!!! I can not wait to read all about the fun times you will have!

k and c's mom said...

Woo Hoo!
Road trip!
Congratulations to you all.

Anonymous said...

So excited for your family. I loved having my girls travel. I'm a bit afraid for myself, but maybe one day...I will look forward to your posts about your new adventure!

Lindsay said...

What an amazing opportunity!