Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pruney Fingers & Rosy Cheeks

We are loving our water-filled summer.  After a crazy first couple of weeks, we are settling into a new routine.  While Josh spends his days at class and work Ava and I slave away at the water park.  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Half the fun of swimming lessons is chatting with your new friends.

Practicing her back float

Wonder if this little boy realizes how lucky he is?

Kicking and blowing bubbles

Supposed to have her head underwater, yeah...good luck with that.

 Working on her stroke

I learned to bring a picnic lunch after our first day of lessons.  Two starving, swim-exhausted kiddos in the backseat is NOT how I choose to spend my summer.

They are much happier travelers when their tummies are full.

After I shamelessly begged on FB, the Waggoners offered to let us come along on their Saturday boating adventure.   

Abby and Ava waiting on the boat to arrive.

It's just not summer until you've been out on the lake.  
(I'm still waiting on my hot dog at a baseball game to OFFICIALLY ring in the season.  Anyone want to go?)

 Jennifer and Ava chatting about boat safety I'm sure.

Beautiful Abby and her HIYM (hunky interim youth minister, duh).

Trying to talk Priss into the lake.

We knew she'd love it once she got in.

Jennifer, Abby, Ava and HIYM having a good ol' time.

We felt a little like Eeyore when the only cloud in the sky settled right above us, 

and began sputtering raindrops.  No lightning or thunder, so we just kept on having fun.

Back on the boat

Ready for skiers 

Water Ski Barbie JJ

Josh decided to try to ski.

 Game face

We all enjoyed this a little too much.

Then he got it!

JJ looks on as Kade, Jennifer, Abby and Madison prepare to jump.




Watching Kade and Abby tube

Watching Abby and Maddison, the daredevils, tube

All smiles all day

Madison  and Jennifer were up next

Too cool for school

Other than our 5-minute rain shower the weather was gorgeous.

My favorite shot of the day

Soaking up some rays with my best girl

After watching all of the Waggoners survive tubing, cautious Ava was ready to give it a try.

Tony was very kind, and drove slowly for the two of us.

This was not the case when I traded Ava for Josh.  I'm pretty sure Tony was trying to kill us.  I drank enough lake water to hydrate me for the entire 100-degree week.  On Sunday morning Josh and I could barely move our arms.

The kids enjoying our torture

Taking one last swim before heading to the dock

Kade is cautious like Ava.  When the boat started moving quickly, he made sure Ava was completely seated and held her hand.

What a sweet friend

 On Sunday at church we celebrated Pentecost with a birthday party for the church.  The kiddos made a birthday cake out of the peg board and then played an enthusiastic, rhythmic version of Happy Birthday.

Sweetest little Sunday School group ever.

I spent my Sunday afternoon with Julia, baking  Galettes au Roqufort and Galettes au Camembert.

Not gorgeous, but they tasted pretty good.  I'm still way intimidated by this cookbook.  Hoping to master the art of French cooking by 2013!

What do you do after a week full of water fun and friends?  Take a 2-hour Sunday nap in you Cinderella dress of course.

Hoping your summer is as Sparkly splendid as ours.  Hot days in the pool, quiet nights on the patio, continuing to fall further in love with this town and its ridiculously fantastic people.


Kristyn said...

These sunglasses pictures of Ava are ADORABLE!

Tammy said...

I'm not so sure that any of my swimming lesson's teachers ever looked that good. That's wrong on so many levels. Seriously, love the pictures and miss y'all. Call me when you're going to be in town.