Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not so much lazy or hazy

So far our summer has been just plain CRAZY.  We prepared ourselves for Rich and Stacy to leave the country on Sunday (May 29).  During lunch on Sunday they received a call from the airport delaying their flight to Tuesday.  We were thrilled to have a few more days with them.

Ava enjoyed playing with Stacy's parents in the backyard.


Climbing with a spotter is way more fun.

This picture makes me a little teary.  Ava is working her way around the table, giving everyone goodnight hugs.  I just happened to catch her hugging Stacy's mom goodnight.  Something in Renee's embrace tells me she's not only hugging Ava, but a little girl version of her Stacy too.

Funny Ava moment:
Josh was putting Ava to bed a few nights before Rich and Stacy left for Turkey.  Ava asked Josh, "I wonder where Rich and Stacy will go to church when they move to Chicken?"

We now refer to Turkey as Chicken most of the time.

Don't you wish your hubby was this fancy?

When you have:
  • an entire afternoon to avoid being sad about an approaching flight
  • two youth ministers 'on staff' for one more day
  • a pastor's family out of town
  • 1200 forks

You've got to fork the yard.

Empty already?

See how nice we were?  We left the handles.

The finished product

Chilling on the Randall's patio, because why not.

Josh suffered a minor forking accident.  I'm pleased to say he lived to see Tuesday, though it was touch and go there for awhile.

On Tuesday (May 31) I started nannying for M.  Ava and I spend our days in a whirl of parks, zoos, pools, swimming lessons, museums, Mommy school, movies and more.

Adjusting to an 8:00 - 6:00 schedule has been more difficult than I anticipated.  Luckily Ms. Ava is extremely portable and flexible.  She is loving all the opportunities nannying affords us.

She adores her time in the pool

All these pictures were taken on different days.  I think she's okay with trading her sleeping in for this.

This weekend we hosted two international students.  The girls are at OU's Gaylord College New Media Institute on a scholarship from the State Department.  Sukriti is from India, and Umme is from Bangladesh, (pronounced to rhyme with Songladesh, not Sangladesh...ahem, Josh Lockett).  Of course we took them to Sara Sara Cupcake.

Ava started out our weekend together her usual shy self, but by the end of the visit she was blowing them both 'kiss clouds'.

Chocolate face

Our trip to Sara Sara also marked Josh's first event as youth minister at OWC.  We met up with a few youth and their families for Meet the Locketts...though we already know and love these kiddos.

The whole group

Later that night Sukriti prepared a traditional Indian dinner,

and Umme made a dessert inspired from Bangladesh.

Of course I had to get in the kitchen too.  The girls spoke perfect, beautiful English.  However, when it came to some of the ingredients they needed from my spice cabinet things got tricky.  We had the most fun trying to figure out the English names.  Sukriti would ask me for something, I'd have no clue what she needed.  She'd ask Umme and they'd both try and decide what it was called in English.  Eventually I would Google it while they patiently spelled out the Hindi word for it.  Finally we'd arrive at the familiar word - cumin, coriander, gram flower.  Not sure I've ever laughed so much in the kitchen.

While our sweet new friends prepared dinner

Ava played in the sprinklers.

We took advantage of the gorgeous evening and ate our meal outside.
It was spicy and delicious!

On Monday of this week Ava and M started swimming lessons at a small water park.

The best part is that our lessons run from 10:20 - 10:50, and then from 11:00 - 12:00 the park opens for members only.  It's not crowded, and the kiddos can safely play until lunchtime.

This week we've also been helping out with our church's version of VBS (Mission Madness).  It has been a joy, but we are definitely "draggin' our wagons" as my grandmother used to say.  Mission Madness runs from 6:00 - 8:00.  By the time we get home, have dinner, make Daddy's lunch and lay out our clothes for the next day it's time to start another one. 

This mama is hoping for some Lazy and Hazy days of summer soon.


The Broaddus Family said...

Looks like the perfect summer to me! So fun!

Hannah said...

I didn't know you were nannying this summer. Fun fun.

I love Ava's green swimsuit. Pretty sure I had the two piece version when I was her age. I'll have to find the picture sometime.

Also, let's find a time when we can Skype. We need to catch up.

Miss you all.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Ava with her little white dress, barefoot, and facing away from the camera...precious!! Looks like you are having a busy but fun summer. Hope to see you all soon. WE miss you guys!!

Love you all!!
Mom (Baba)