Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break Part 2

We spent the second part of our Spring Break in Frost with the Locketts. Ava loves her time with Beene Beene.

Kicking around the soccer ball with Coach, Daddy, Hopie and Jenson


Sassy on the backyard slide

When Josh and I started dating, one of the most endearing things about him was that his Dad cut his hair. Seriously the most adorable thing ever. Since our lives got crazy busy and we moved out of state these haircuts have slipped through the cracks. Over Spring Break the Olde Fashion Dad Barbershop went back into business.

Aunt Jaryn and Ava played with Jenson during the haircut.

Then the girls had a little hula hoop lesson.

A team effort


A windy slide ride

Mimi's beautiful Bridal Veil in full bloom.

Gathering some flowers before our ride home.

Stay tuned soon for Mr. Lockett Goes to Washington/Ava James goes to Green Acres


Anonymous said...

Where did Aunt Jaryn get her dress? Too cute!


Tammy said...

Thanks for coming and sharing your precious Bave and yourself with us. We were in serious need of a girlfriend fix. Tell Ava thanks for the squeeze. Love you. Sparkle on!