Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Part 1

***So excited to finally post! Josh is snoozing away our first evening in Washington DC so I'm blogging. If tomorrow night is this thrilling I might catch up on all my posting.***

Here is my sweet sunshine girl. I have such fond memories of my papa playing his guitar and singing 'You Are My Sunshine' to me. This song has made its way into our nightly routine. When I saw this precious shirt at Target I knew we just had to have it. I think I'm going to fashion it into some kind of pillow for Ava once she outgrows it.

My darling friend, Stacy, and I love our Saturday morning Williams-Sonoma cooking classes. (Seriously y'all, if there's a WS in your area you need to try these classes. First of all they are absolutely free. You'll enjoy lots of delicious recipes, informative chefs, and 10% off anything in the store, though Josh still won't let me order this, rude.)

Stacy and I decided to show off our fancy steakhouse appetizers lesson with:
Craftsteak Onion Rings
Stuffed Cremini Mushrooms
Wedge Salad
Bison Steak
and Perfect Margaritas

The boys were very, very happy.

We were so excited to kick of Spring Break with a quick visit from Uncle Nate. Ava challenged him to many games of chase,

and Guess Who.

In one game she beat Nate in one question!
They were playing the animal side of the card and she asked him, "Does your animal have green feathers?" He had, in fact, selected the only bird on the card. Amazing.

Nate helped us select some plants to spruce up Xanadu for spring.

Such a patient shopper

Helpful planters

Brave Priss touching a worm. Ick, this mommy is TERRIFIED of those boogers.

With Ava on worm duty, I actually helped plant a little. I'm sure this is a major shocker to my parents. Nathan and I had a great laugh remembering the many weekends of family yard work I spent curled up on the couch with a book. As Elphaba crooned, "I'm not that girl."

After telling me how important the worms were to the plants, Ava watched them dig back into the dirt. Sometimes I wonder who the real teacher is in our little life together.

Checking out the new flowers

Playing a Disney Junior game and working on homework

A little Saturday morning TV together

Later that weekend the Broaddus family ventured north to see us. Of course we whisked them straight to Sara Sara Cupcake.

Their sweet Ethan and Ava J were fast friends. Maybe more someday? Who can really tell. It's not like we've discussed dowry or how we'll divvy up Christmas...

The boys just before the sugar rush.

A bedtime story

Making fresh pasta for our friends

Helping Courtney feed Ethan

In the fancy courtroom at the law school
We were so glad to finally show off our new hometown to the Broadduses.

My favorite spot

Later in the week we headed to Texas to see family. We spent a lot of time at Baba and Pops (almost finished) new house.

We all got in some Nolan love.

Playing a little baseball with Pops

Cutest. Stance. Ever.

Josh and I headed to a late lunch with friends. A few minutes after we left, Josh remembered something he'd left behind. When we returned to the house we saw this. Evidently, the second we walked out the door Ava sweetly asked, "Baba, can I have a cookie even though it's before lunch?" Of course Baba gave the answer any loving grandparent would give and this was the picture-perfect moment that followed.

Auntie M this one is just for you.
Do you remember the very similar shot of me holding your tiny baby Cory? Gotta' love cousins.

You can tell these two kiddos never get any attention or love, ha.

Most of the family eating a lovely lunch, missed you Nate and Hannah.

Enjoying her 'playhouse' top bunk at the new house

Swinging the days away

It was hard to talk her into leaving the swing

I think Uncle Nate summed this photo up perfectly, "These two doing what they do best"

It was Mr. Chill's first nap al fresco.

Ava was thrilled to help Pops level the dirt for a sidewalk on a real tractor.

With their own baby sleeping, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brandon played a little baseball with the Bave.

So hot after an afternoon outside, the cousins stripped to the bare minimum - a diaper and Hello Kitty panties. I just had to snap this sweet shot of the two of them. Since Josh and I are both the oldest in our families, I always worried that Ava wouldn't have cousins close to her own age. We can already see such a sweet love developing between these two. I can't wait to watch it grow...not that I'm anxious for either or them to grow up. We could pause here forever as far as I'm concerned.

Coming soon to 3 Locketts blog:
Spring Break Part 2
Mr. Lockett Goes to Washington

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Adriane said...

Oh, I'm so glad to see you (finally) posted again! I just love your stories. :-)

And, hello, that bunkbed/playhouse built-in? The stuff DREAMS are made of. I'm super jeal.