Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Here is my totally random thankful list, just in time for Thanksgiving.

*Ava’s sophisticated sense of humor
*Pike’s Place roast from Starbucks, I can pamper myself for only $2 and 35 calories)
*Family that drives you crazy… I could really just leave it at family, the crazy part is understood
*Pilot pens with purple ink
*my Macbook
*a husband who is insanely talented, intelligent, AND charmingly handsome
*Paula Poundstone, her Facebook statuses cause snortful laughter
*students who still bring flowers and apples to their teacher
*Lollia perfumes
*Agatha Christie
*Vicks Vapor Rub
*my incredibly considerate 4th grade coworkers
*Cooking Light magazine
*January 20, 2009
*Diet Coke
*Chi straighteners
*Scantron machines
*friends with different political views
*the yellow Dyson vacuum cleaner
*Germ X
*Hooter Hiders, no I’m not still nursing…but seriously, H.H.’s changed my life
*Gap long jeans
*Premium Mocha M&Ms
*Sirius satellite radio
*Dum Dums (<20 calorie sweet goodness)
*Maclaren strollers
*Palatable tap water
*Turner Classic Movie channel
*the precious weeks of school after the TAKS tests
*Biolage shampoo and conditioner
*Christmas music
*Aluminum-free, organic deodorant
*Ava’s pigtails
*non-bill snail mail
*old-fashioned oatmeal with golden raisins
*Josh’s aftershave
*alphabetical order
*Real Simple magazine
*front porch swings
*1st Mattress Church

What are you thankful for? Comment below!

1 comment:

Kristyn said...

What a thorough list of thankfuls! You have reminded me to broaden my horizons when asked this positively inevitable question tomorrow.
What's January 20, 2009?

And I like the new pink blog! : ) Very cute!