Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thomas and Friends

After watching an episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 where they take the kiddos to spend a day out with Thomas, I found a similar event in Rusk, Texas. Ava, Josh and I drove to Coach and Mimi's house on Friday after school. The next morning we all woke up early and headed to see Ava's favorite TV star. I left Ava in her pajamas so she would be comfortable on the car ride.

Ava was very loving during our picnic. I think she was excited to be out of the car.

Enjoying a picnic with Mimi.

Ava and Abby braced themselves for a fun day.
After a yummy picnic lunch, we all headed to the station.

Ava peered down the tracks in search of her friends.

A much anticipated Thomas wound his way through the trees with a high pitched "peep peep".

Coach and Ava ventured forward to meet Thomas at the station.

A shiny Thomas blew smoke from his smokestack. He was beautifully blue!

Three thrilled Thomas fans

Bubbles, trains, and grandparents, if someone had been singing music from The Sound of Music Ava might have exploded with excitement!

We had fun perusing the gift shop/tent. Ava particularly enjoyed the Thomas tent.

Ava poses with Emily, Mommy's favorite train on the Island of Sodor. According to the theme song, "Emily really knows her stuff," as all really useful females must.

"Hello old friend," Ava says to all of the trains. This is as close to starstruck as a toddler can be. (She was almost as excited as Mimi would have been if Sting had been there.)

Ava was headed for the pond. A few seconds after this shot Daddy rushed to grab her.

There was so much applause from our little train lover that day. Most of our pictures of Ava had blurry hands.

Thomas surprised Ava and Coach with a loud "peep peep".

Happily on our way. The 30 minute train ride was just right for little Thomas fans.

We enjoyed perfect weather, pleasant company, and plenty of napping on the way home.


The Broaddus Family said...

love love love your pictures. how fun! by the picnic and other pictures, it doesn't look like texas, maybe colorado?!? i kinda want to be a thomas fan now! =)

Lindsay said...

so cool that you got to meet the "real" thomas!! i can tell ava loved it! and i agree with court..the picnic pictures look like colorado.