Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall pictures

Before I post the adorable fall pictures from today, I have to show off the latest addition to Ava's nursery. I never had a specific theme in mind with this sweet little room, just a color scheme and a vague idea. I've enjoyed piecing it together as we discover interests that she has. I found these adorable birds in the Pottery Barn Kids magazine, and had planned to make some of my own. However, back during the summer Mimi found them on sale for cheaper than we could make she bought them for us! My little bird loves her little birds. There is a green daddy bird who rests on his nest tending the three baby birds. Pink mama bird hovers around tweeting specifics on how things should be done. Art imitating life? Perhaps.

And now to the pumpkins...

Pops, BaBa, Ava and Coco haul the pumpkins down to the picture spot.

Ava helps unload the harvest.

Sittin' pretty.

Yay, Ava threw an acorn!

Ava is a black kitten for Halloween. Here is a sneak preview.

This was such a funny moment. Ava is not too fond of Coco, and she was telling her to "Stop". She is such a good kitty.

Last but not least, Ava has mastered the kiss. She loves to smooch ya' right on the lips, and you better not try to back out of it too early. In this shot she has a death grip on my least it's a loving death grip.


The Broaddus Family said...

These pictures are too cute autumn!!

Lindsay said...

She is such a cute black kitten!