Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Dear blog readers,
is working
on her book and Daddy is taking Greek, so I'm taking over the
posts this summer.
So far we've been working on potty training (I get 4
marshmallows for tee tee,
and 6 for poop), letters, colors, shapes,
signing, and a little

This is me sitting on
the counter in
my Elmo panties and Aggie
shirt eating yogurt-covered

BaBa, Daddy, and Mommy took me to Lion's Park in Waco to ride
the train.
Trains are one of my favorite things, and the ride was one of
highlights of
my summer so far!

I stayed
with Mimi, Coach, Aunt Jaryn, and BeeneBeene while Mommy and Daddy went to
Houston to see a play. They had to stop in College Station to recharge their

We went
to church in the country where Coach preaches. It was very hot on the front

Nan helped me cool off at Mimi and Coach's house after church.

We all
went to Austin to celebrate Becca's graduation. I loved swimming in the

I loved
snuggling on the couch with Uncle Brandon...and he didn't seem to mind too

Brandon, Aunt Sarah, Daddy, Mommy, and I ate lunch at Chuy's. Their queso
tortillas is my favorite snack.

On the
way home from Austin I experienced my first Starbucks drink, a strawberry
milkshake. My mouth would not leave the straw, even to nod the answer "yes"
tell Mommy how much I liked it. I kept sucking from the straw while I
moved my
head up and down. Isn't my flower headband cute?

invited the fourth grade teachers over for brunch and I got to play with my
friend, Emma. I pushed her all around the house in my pink doll stroller.
and I are going to be roommates at A&M one day! If you look back at
blog posts you can see a picture of us last year in our white Aggie

Mommy, and I took parent/child swimming lessons at the YMCA for two weeks. I
enjoyed splashing around with the other babies. Thanks to everyone who took
pictures for us!
Daddy threw me high in the air!

I rode
the pink noodle like a horsey!

helped me learn to kick my feet in the water!

I'm not
afraid to jump in the pool to Daddy!

We all
love to relax in the Pate's pool.
pictures to come soon!
Ava James Lockett

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Anonymous said...

Miss Ava, you did great on your first post! Maybe you'll be a famous author like your mom's going to be. Don't worry about taking Greek like dad - Spanish would probably be better for a Texas gal like you. Then you and mom can talk together in Spanish, and dad will never know what you say! Glad you're having a great summer - keep the pics coming! We love you ~ Mimi & Coach