Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Catch Up

TAKS is over, the thousands of field trips to celebrate the end of school have passed, and I'm almost free for the summer! The blogging WILL be more frequent, I promise. Please scroll down and catch up with us!

On Valentines Day Ava and I were Truett widows, since Josh had class. We played dress up and Ava scattered silk rose petals throughout the house. If you look back at her pictures from last Valentines day you'll see she's grown a ton! I feel like I have a little girl now, instead of a baby.

One afternoon Ava fell asleep in her highchair during a snack. Such a classic shot that everyone needs to have of their kiddos:) Note the print-rich environment!

Ava had a blast at the Mayborn Museum!

This semester Ava and I spent our Thursday nights with Baba (my mom), and Pops (my dad) while Josh had class. We spent this warm evening running down their hill and playing with bubbles. Ava was sunkissed, and enjoyed "goosing" the goose.

For Mother's Day Ava and Baba planted a flower bed for me! Pops and Josh worked on our yard. It's not a jungle anymore!

We took Ava on her first boat ride on Sunday, May 11. The weather was cool, and we had a blast!

Ava and Uncle Nate fed the goose some bread. When the goose was finished Ava signed "all done" for him.


theritzfamily said...

Looks like ya'll have been busy. She has grown up so much! Hope all is well.

The Ritz's

Lindsay said...

She's so adorable! And you're right...she's getting so big and not a baby anymore!

TeamRB said...

YAH! I am so glad to see some pictures. I know you're glad TAKS is over. I love the pictures at the museum. Where is that? Enjoy your summer and your time off! We will see you in a couple of weeks at Nate's Graduation.