Friday, March 30, 2012


Ava and I spent a rainy Sunday afternoon making hand soap.  We used a tutorial from my friend Robyn's blog.  In this wonderful house we have five bathrooms plus two sinks in the kitchen.  We go through hand soap like you cannot imagine.  I adore Mrs. Myers Geranium soap but it's too expensive to buy that many bottles of hand soap.  Even with buying the glycerin, bar soap, and container to hold the soap I saved so much money by making my own soap.

We started out with a bar of geranium soap and a few simple ingredients.

Ava grated the entire bar with an old cheese grater.

We cooked the grated soap in a gallon of water and a few teaspoons of glycerin.  
Confession:  I had Bush's Glycerine in my head during this entire process.

As the soap melted a sudsy liquid simmered in the pot.  We left it to set up over night.  The next morning I blended the solution until it reached typical hand soap texture.

I found this container for super cheap at Walmart. 

 It's perfect to hold our gallon of soap, and the tap is ideal for refilling our empty hand soap bottles.

What a fun rainy day activity, and tons of money saved!  Thanks Robyn.

Ava is quite the nurturer.  She likes to take care of others, whether it's Josh and me, little friends at church, her dolls, or even stuffed animals.  Growing up I had a best friend who was such a mom.  From the time we were five she just took care of everyone around her.  It's a trait I always admired and tried to exhibit in my own life - though it never came quite as effortlessly to me.  Anyway, sometimes there are moments when I see glimpses of my sweet Leah friend in Ava and this was one of those times.  I walked into our room the other day to find this:  Bambi, on a pillow and comfortably tucked into a soft blanket up to his little deer chin.

On Wednesday, March 14, Ava went on her very first field trip.  Her school traveled to a local bar, O'Connell's, for green eggs and ham.  I thought it was hilarious that her first field trip was to a bar.  I offered to help drive the kiddos (designated driver, if you will - haha).  When I arrived at her school I was greeted by a herd of carseats on the front lawn.

A little background on the field trip location, Pumpkin Shell School's old building was right behind O'Connell's.  The gracious owner has hosted a Green Eggs & Ham celebration for the children at Pumpkin Shell for decades.

Inside the school a sea of green-clad, excited children sang songs while we installed car seats.

Look at that sweet little pink bow head.

My happy backseat

Waiting to get past the bouncer (actually a sweet hostess handing out green necklaces)

In front of the bar

Waiting for our food to arrive

No sports on the TVs this morning, it was all Disney and Nickelodeon. 

We had the whole place to ourselves.

Ava signing 'I love you' under the decked-out moose

Silly girls

The whole table

The food arrived, and some of us weren't too sure

Those are some green eggs

I'm happy to report that the girls cleaned their plates.  What a fun first field trip.  I'm so thankful that my job is flexible enough that I can experience these times with my baby girl.

On Saturday, the 17th I flew to Houston for Jaryn's bachelorette party.  Isn't she beautiful?

Heading into Pete's Piano Bar

We all schemed for Jaryn to spend some time on stage doing a not-quite appropriate version of the Hokey Pokey.

Later that night

The next morning

After some coffee and breakfast we drove from Houston to Hillsborro for Beene Beene's 90th birthday party.

Beene Beene is Josh's grandmother, and we are so thankful to have her in our lives.  She's had some health issues lately, but is so strong.

Ava and Beene Beene are pen pals, crafting partners, and have an entire menagerie of fictitious animals who are frequently cast in their letters and conversations.

The future Mr. & Mrs. San Miguel with Beene Beene

Ava is so excited about being flower girl in their wedding next month.

  What a wonderful afternoon to celebrate Beene Beene's life!

After the party, Ava went home with Baba and Pops to spend the first part of her Spring Break.  Another fantastic great grandmother, MLML, loved on Ava during the days when Baba and Pops were at work.  She had such a good time in Clifton.  Later in the week she headed to Frost to spend some time with Mimi.  She loved her time there as well.  Thanks to our precious family who stepped in to give Ava a wonderful week of Spring Break.  Thanks to all of my blog friends for reading and keeping up with us.  I appreciate you.

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