Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Very Good Place to Start

The classic backpack school shot. Here was our big girl on her first morning of preschool.  Ava is going to Pumpkin Shell and is loving it.  She's made some sweet friends, been asked to participate in an advanced pull-out reading and math class, and managed to remember every sweet snack they've enjoyed - you know, the important stuff.  We eventually had to ask for a lunch menu because the only thing we were hearing that she ate was cereal and smores.  Silly girl.  I'm shocked at how well she's adjusted to her time at school.  She's happy to go each morning and even seemed a little let down on Saturday when it wasn't a school day.

Josh captured this shot of the two of us on our way to our first days last Tuesday (January 3).  Ava's level of happy has made my new job even better.  I was nervous about the Mom Guilt I was sure would creep in, but it's actually been okay.  It's hard to feel guilty about something that makes your child so happy.  Also, my job is just pure magic.  It's like someone sat down and said, "Hey, let's specifically tailor a position that includes everything that makes Autumn Lockett Sparkle."  Seriously y'all, it's such an amazing fit.  I'm humbled and thankful and so energized every day.  Yay!

Another amazing aspect of this new chapter in our lives is this guy.  Josh has been so supportive of Ava and me as we head out to our new places.  He's been unpacking (still, yes - Christmas + over 3 months of European travel is a beast to unpack), organizing, and preparing delicious meals.  Love him.

We are definitely having to learn how to manage our time from 5:00 to bedtime.  It's been cooperation at its best.  One night last week Josh prepped all the veggies and laid out the ingredients for us to make Texas Quiche.  Baba and Pops bought Ava some kid-sized baking pans and we were eager to try them out. (Please notice Josh serenading us with The Civil Wars on his guitar in the background of this series.)

No Easy Bake Oven for Ava James.  She used my favorite Pampered Chef mat and her mini Silpin to roll out her crust.

Checking the thickness

Rolling the crust onto her rolling pin like a pro

Then unrolling the crust onto her pan

Shaping the edges

Almost ready to bake the crust

Can't forget the pie weights!

After the crusts pre-baked it was time for us to fill the quiche.

A layer of Hatch geen chiles

Then some freshly-grated Monterrey Jack

Next comes the chicken, carrot, mushroom mixture

Finally, the egg and spices are poured over the top.

All ready to bake

Watching for a golden top

Shocked by her delicious finished product

She had so much fun preparing her mini quiche alongside my big one.  I can't believe how grown up she is.

With all of our new changes this month I haven't taken as many pictures as I usually do.  I've included a few iPhone shots to finish off this post.

Here I am, so excited to have my first-ever business card.

I'm hoping to dedicate an entire post to my new office, but for now here's a sneak peek with my favorite visitor so far.


k and c's mom said...

I feel like I am in this same "sweet spot" in life: wasn't expecting it, but watching it all be blessed and thanking God for allowing me the privilege of my new position. You go, Autumn and Ava!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of Ava cooking. You guys look like you have had a great beginning to your new lives. God bless you all!!

Love Mom, Baba