Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time with Nate & Hannah

When Hannah and Nate arrived in Switzerland, they brought gifts from Baba and Pops!  We have been reading Ava's new Christmas books on repeat since she opened them.  Thanks Baba and Pops.

On our way to show Hannah and Nate the Lion Monument we saw that the Old Swiss House had transformed.  I think I know two grandmas who will be asking a Coach and a Pops to construct gingerbread shutters with red hot decorations.  So adorable.  (Sorry to the grandpas.)

With the peaceful, pensive lion

Ava loves to 'surf' on this moving ramp at the grocery store.  She taught Nate and Hannah how to hang ten grocery-style.

Our Elf on the Shelf, James Lockett, made his appearance the day after Thanksgiving.  He brought Ava a can of snow from the North Pole.

Playing in the snow with the cast of Tangled and Uncle Nate.

The next morning we found a mess in the kitchen, 

and James Lockett taking a snow bath on top of our refrigerator.  I'm posting all of his adventures on Facebook each morning - stay tuned.

Me and my 'little' brother

We live in heaven.

Luzern is just as Christmas crazy as we are.  As we were walking home we noticed that projectors had been set up along the river.  They were casting Christmas scenes onto the surrounding buildings - magical.

A wood-carved nativity in town

We love taking walks to look at Christmas lights at night.

This building is lit up like an Advent calendar.

Another beautiful shot of the Reuss River at Christmas.

On Sunday we walked around the lake to visit the Transportation Museum.

Trains, cars, boats, airplanes, scooters, bikes, and construction vehicles - this place had it all.

Peering through the front window


Checking under the train

Two train lovers watching the model trains go

The most beautiful train car I've ever seen and it's advertising chocolate.

Your colors Mimi; I think you need this one framed.


Magnetized toy train fun

Oh look, Mommy was there too.

A train puzzle

This sweet gentlemen took us into a roped-off section to illustrate how this train is fueled by coal and steam.

He told Ava to pull the cord for the whistle, and then made a very authentic train whistle sound with his hands.

Toot toot

A miniature passenger train

Learning about Morse Code

A Swiss rescue helicopter

With lots of model planes

What my kitchen would look like in outer space

In the shuttle kitchen

Who needs to go to space when Daddy can make you fly?

The planetarium is one of Ava's favorite things.  This show was the nativity story.  We listened to the story in English with headsets.  Hannah and Josh fell asleep, but the rest of us loved it.  That's right sleepyheads, I outed you.

A rowing competition, Nate won.

Scootering with Daddy

A bicycle built for two

Nate and Josh decided to try some synchronized scootering.  It was elegant, let me tell you.

Digging in the gravel pit

Construction consultation


I feel like she should have been wearing this hat when she was born.  See the word written on it?  It would have been a nice warning about what we could expect from her.

Driving on the course


On our walk back to our flat we came across many photo ops.  I love love love this shot of us with Mount Pilatus, Lake Luzern, and a ship flying the Swiss flag in the background.

I also love this guy.  Do you know we will celebrate our seventh anniversary on January 1?  Crazy how time flies.

Cutest kids ever

I was bummed when Nate and Hannah had to leave, and only grew more sad when everyone on Facebook started posting pictures of their gorgeously decorated Christmas trees.  It doesn't make financial sense to buy a tree and decorate it here.  Seeing my gloom, these three started taping Josh's old class notes together.

Josh drew a huge Christmas tree and Ava brought out her crayons.

We all added our own flare to the tree.

Ava borrowed some glitter eye makeup and made the tree Sparkle.

And now we have the most precious tree ever!

I may have to roll it up and bring it home with us.

Today we leave for Vicenza, Italy to visit Lindsey and Taylor.  Vicenza sits 30 minutes from Venice and 30 minutes from Verona.  We plan to visit both.  We are so excited to enjoy our last big trip before we head back home on December 20.  Hope everyone is having a marvelous Christmas season!

To see all of our pictures from the past few weeks click here:  

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The Farmers said...

If you don't bring that tree home with you I will have to fly over there and dig it out of their crazy trash system. That will be something special to look at in the years ahead.