Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Walking the Walls

We started out our week celebrating an Aggie football win (ahem, finally).


On our weekly Sunday afternoon walk around, we saw some new places:
a beautiful church

a gorgeous fountain, 

murals and dramatic doors, 

a more turbulent part of the river, 

some changing trees, 

Then we walked around on the old city walls, some of which were built in 1336!

Our path

Views of the city from the walls

We climbed up into some of the turrets, through some very narrow and steep stairways.


Ava was really a trooper for the long, strenuous walk.

Interesting architecture

I'm not exactly sure what goes on in this building.

Josh and I loved this mural.

Oh no!

Of course I had to pose Ava by the Scooter store, which actually sells fancy clothes.

We also found a unicorn fountain.

Chocolate version of the famous chapel bridge.

Love this sign

I know this wasn't the most exciting post, but we're heading to Salzburg, Austria this weekend.  We'll have a ton of pictures, and I didn't want these to get buried beneath a million shots of the four of us seeing everything Sound of Music and Mozart.  Check back on Monday for a new post!

To see all the pictures from our week so far click here.

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