Sunday, January 2, 2011

Greetings from Mattress Island

Even though she was practically swimming in new Christmas toys, Ava had a blast playing balloon 'volleyball' with Coach.

Please remind me of this next year. A $1 pack of balloons I can do.

After spending over two weeks in Texas, and accumulating enough Christmas gifts to fulfill the Duggars' lists, our car was full.

We had three options:

a) leave Ava in Texas, while the grandparents were fine with this, Mommy was not
b) rent a U-Haul
c) beg someone to follow us back to OK

Hooray for Mimi and Coach!

Ever so glad to be home.
Don't you just love these hand-me-down pink cowgirl boots?

We sang in the New Year with Geoff

and Susie. Very low-key. Board games, sing alongs, champagne (and sparkling grape juice of course, for the Bave), and mocking the Oklahoma City 'raising of the ball'. Instead of the ball dropping it was awkwardly hoisted by a crane. Yes, seriously.

On Saturday Josh and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary!

A shot with the girl

All bundled up for the blustery night

Stacy 'Poppins' stayed with Ava

They tried out my new glass bowl for the KitchenAid mixer

Cheesin' it up

Loving her new apron from Aunt Jaryn

Filling the mini muffin tins

Today (Sunday) after church we decided to have a Mattress Day. We turn off our cell phones, pull a mattress into the living room, put on PJs, watch movies, eat junk food, and lounge. It's a cheap staycation, perfect for cold days. Because our living space was so small in the Castle, we haven't had a Mattress Day in forever. This is a picture from our last one, February of 2009.

And here we are today. Can you believe how much Ava James has grown? If you've never had a Mattress Day I encourage you to pencil one in soon. It's pure bliss.

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