Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween & Nolan Lee

I know I'm way tardy with this post. Since I last blogged I had strep throat, took drugs which led to a plethora of other unfortunate illnesses, hosted dear house guests (while one of them had major surgery), took Ava/Elphaba trick-or-treating, celebrated Josh's 28th birthday, welcomed a new nephew into the world, led a writing workshop, and somehow managed to do most of it while running fever (so rare for me) and sleeping very little. Things are going to be calm and healthy in my world from this point forward, or else. Hope you enjoy the post and have a little pity on this tired Mama.

Here is Miss Ava costumed out for gymnastics with her friends

Performing her most important job during cupcake making,

licking the icing off the beater.

JK and her mom were in town just in time to celebrate Halloween with us. The girls loved playing with these little parachute guys over the balcony.

Watching them fall

Aiming for the Welcome mat

HLS spent all of Friday at the law school library, with OU band songs wafting through the air from the practice field. He called me late in the afternoon and asked if I wanted to go to the OU game. The Saturday game would not begin until 8:15, and if you read the beginning of this blog you know what my original answer was. I was zonked, but then he said some magical words.

"The band is playing a Halloween-themed half time show, which includes Time Warp."

Um, he had me at 'the band'.

When he arrived home I let him tell Ava that we were going to our first ever OU game as a family. Here was their conversation:

Josh: Ava, do you want to go to a football game tomorrow night?

Ava: Okay

Josh: The band is going to be there, and we'll get to hear your Boomer Sooner song.

Ava: *running across the room to jump into Josh's arms* Oh yes, yes, yes! That will be so much fun!

She is her mama's girl.

Enjoying the chilly weather

This is so mean, but I have to blog about the Grinch sitting right behind Josh. (Quick, scroll down and look at her in the next picture, then come back for the scoop.) I didn't intend to capture her in my picture, but since I did I might as well tell you about her. First of all, Grinch and her friend, Hag, were not charmed by Ava. Seriously? She's precious, just ask me. She was an angelbaby at the game.

As soon as Grinch and Hag sat down behind us, Grinch said, "Ugh, I don't have grandchildren thank goodness." Probably because she cooked them in her cauldron, I thought. Anyway, then Grinch proceeds to plant her bony, Bengay-soaked knees in Josh's back. He deals with it for a long time, but eventually stands up to get some lumbar relief. Grinch croaks, "Could we please see? Sit down." Sweet Josh sat down without any unkind words. Later in the game Ava's boot barely grazed Hag's pant leg and she let out the most unkind huff you've ever heard and glared at me. Normally I would have apologized but I just rubbed Ava's back and ignored the huffing Hag. Once the crowd thinned out we moved down a few rows and enjoyed the end of the game without geriatric grief. Geez.

How do you not love this girl?

Ava adored the Sooner Schooner. The tiny horses took celebratory runs onto the field after each touchdown.

The band formed a Jack O'Lantern on the field during halftime. Ava was thrilled to hear them play her Days of the Week song, which we sing to the tune of The Addams Family theme.

OU with Daddy

At the end of last winter, I bought this darling scarf at a too-expensive store on Campus Corner. It was missing the button eyes so I talked them into practically giving it to me. Just a couple of buttons from this repurposed shirt and it was as good as new! Isn't it so cute? It reminds me of the owl mascot at the law school with kind of a Harry Potter twist.

We returned home from the game after midnight and still made it to Sunday School the next morning.

After power naps in the afternoon, it was time to get ready for trick-or-treating.

Checking out her eye shadow glitter

Elphaba and Daddy at the entrance of our Spooky Forrest front yard.

JK, the sassy witch, and Ava as Elphaba

JK, Elphaba, and JK's friend S
There was no costume coordination, I promise. Pure coincidence.

Our little witch tribe

Running to catch up with the big girls

Turns out the Dark Knight lives on our corner. There may or may not have been some cat calls from the Mommies waiting on the sidewalk.

Normally shy Ava was so brave trick-or-treating with the JK and S.

Little Elphaba had to make a potty stop at home.

When it got dark, we headed out in the car to see a couple of friends who live too far away to walk. Here is Elphaba with her Missy.

Elphaba with sweet E, who was busy handing out candy when we arrived.

Nolan was determined to have his own birthday. Brandon, Nolan's Dad, celebrates his birthday October 31, and Josh's birthday is November 2. On November 1, Nolan Lee-Robert Crawford arrived at 10:00. He weighed in at 8 pounds, 13 ounces, and was 21 and 3/4 inches long. Way to go Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brandon!

He has a head full of beautiful, dark hair.

We finished celebrating Josh's birthday on Tuesday, and headed to Dallas to meet Nolan on Wednesday.

I can only imagine the trouble these two will get into together.

Ava was singing Twinkle Twinkle as Nolan watched her in wonder.

We Lockett girls are more than slightly smitten.

Look who flew in to meet his first nephew! Uncle Nate was happy to have some time with his niece too.

So glad to finally meet this baby we've been dreaming about.

Ready to raise these cousins as the best of friends.


k and c's mom said... Welcome to the world, Baby Nolan!

Hannah said...

1) I love the eye glitter picture. Maybe a pirate next year?

2) I love how Nolan couldn't take his eyes off of Ava. In my Relationships class we learned that babies favor more attractive faces (not just adults do this) and can stare at them all day. This must be the reason.

3) Favorite picture of Ava and Nathan ever. Or maybe it ties with the one of bumblee bee Ava and N walking away. Or the one from the Fourth of July (ha!) where they were playing tag.

TeamRB said...

Love this post! You sure have been busy. Love all the sweet pictures of sweet Nolan. I am sure you loved all the snuggling that a new baby brings. Hope you continue to get better!

Tammy said...

You've been busy since last night. I love the whole post, but I'm most thankful for the new background picture for my laptop. The picture of you and Ava James at the football game is amazing. You're quick girl. I just asked you for an new background picture yesterday.