Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Texans

We are so blessed to have sweet family (mostly great-grandparents) who sent cards to Ava for her third birthday. She loves receiving mail and was surprised to see green stuff inside of the cards. After thinking about how to use her birthday money for a while we decided to put it toward dance classes. A local church has a very low-stress, low-cost, age-appropriate dance class - think of darling tots twirling to a funky version of ' I'm a Little Teapot'. Grace had already been taking the class for a little while and highly recommended it. Although a little timid, Ava seemed to enjoy the class.

On Thursday at 12:00 OU canceled class through Friday. The ice was falling, and local meteorologists' voices hit a frantic level that led us to use words like 'snowpocalypse' (thanks Dean). While the ice-induced shut in was a welcome early end to the week we were still hoping for some real snow. We enjoyed breakfast for dinner with a hopeful eye on the sky.

Banana-pecan and apple wheat pancakes, in true Cafe Cappuccino fashion

Don't worry, we had crunchy bacon and scrambled eggs too.

There's a superstition that if you want snow you should sleep with your pajamas inside-out and a spoon under your pillow.

Hey, we were desperate for snow.


The wind wasn't howling and the ground was powdery soft.

The snowflakes were so large they looked like styrofoam falling.

Happy to be outside

Attack the mommy!

We had to be careful not to walk underneath the ice-laden trees. Branches were constantly falling under the weight. Luckily, they avoided the power lines in our area.

Crazy ice

Catching snowflakes

HLS took a well-deserved break to play with us.

Snow angels

Anyone up for a picnic?

I snapped this picture just before I started this post. You can tell how much snow we've had if you look on top of the mailboxes.

The snow was supposed to stop at 2:00 this afternoon but they've pushed it back to around 10:00. We moved Ava's dollhouse into the living room where it's warmest, Josh is studying and working on his resume at the kitchen table, and I'm just enjoying them both. It's been so nice to be snowed in with my two favorite people on earth. Happy happy me.


Nate & Hannah said...

It looks sorta like what we're doing! Except you have food and a "castle". :)

Love you all

Nate & Hannah

Anonymous said...

It's great to be snowed in with your favorite people!! And HOORAY for Ava knowing that super secret magical "snow secret"!!!


k and c's mom said...

The perfect day!
(When I come to Norman, I want those pancakes.)