Monday, November 2, 2009

A Very Buzzy Halloween

A package from Mimi kicked off our Halloween week.

Yay for warm gloves!

Gymnastics class (actually two classes together for the picture)
Some of us didn't get the email about wearing costumes.

Ava dressed up as the Pensive Gymnast

New hair and happy smiles

We celebrated at church on Wednesday with a chili cook off, cake contest, and moon bounces.

Like Tigger

Blurry fun

Bouncing too close

Smooching Daddy through the net

It was chilly and wet outside, so we headed to the indoor bounce.

Ready for some fun

On Friday Ava and I headed back to the elementary school where I've taught fourth grade the past three years. One of my favorite lessons to teach is Spooky Adjectives. I was thrilled to be back in the classroom to teach two lessons and read a book to the whole grade level. Ava was a great sidekick.

Thanks for a great day Tam!

We stayed with Baba and Pops for the first part of the weekend. Ava hugged her old pal Coco.

Pops and Ava

Shaking hands

Wagon rides with Baba

Happy to see her Mamaw

and her Papa

Entertaining us all with her 'monica skills

Crank the volume for this one.

Making smores

Sleepy snuggles with Papa. We're thankful he's doing so well after heart surgery!

I was lucky enough to catch the Broaddus family for lunch on Saturday. They sent a sweet gift for Ava.

Thanks for the fun magnetic doll house!

Jamming with Pops in the "dog room"
(this is what Ava calls the game room). We're not exactly sure why.

Ready to Trick-or-Treat

We assembled quite a group for our trip on Main Street.


"I'm not going to sting you," Ava assured everyone.


Look familiar?

Main Street Trick-or-Treat last year, thanks for the fun tradition Nate!

Fire trucks giving candy

We ran into the cutest Batman and hot mama!
Leah and I have been friends since I was 5. We have pictures of Leah, Sarah and I in the bathtub together. I'm hunting those pictures to post soon, maybe for your birthday Leah;)

The whole gang

The next best thing to flying like a bee

See her scary stinger?

We ended our weekend with a quick overnight at Mimi and Coach's house. Ava enjoyed a long walk before the car ride back to Oklahoma. Thanks to all of our family and friends for a relaxing and fun weekend.


Jaryn said...

L-O-V-E the new hair color! Hate that I missed y'all this weekend - Hope you have fun celebrating Josh's birthday!

The Broaddus Family said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! It was so good to see you! Next time we'll have to see Josh & Ava too! Enjoy your birthday month!

k and c's mom said...

Ava looks bee-utiful. (Couldn't resist.) I was in Oklahoma while you were in Texas this weekend. Wish I could have seen you.

Lindsay said...

Ava looks adorable and I love your darker hair!

Anonymous said...

I love the song that you have put on the blog! It is one of my favorite!

The Farmers said...

Love the picture looking down the driveway. I burned that path many a time on my Huffy. Brings back sweet memories. Enjoyed looking at the pictures.

By the by. Ava was adorable in her bee outfit. Seems like Josh was a
bee for Halloween one year. Maybe I'm making that up. Josh's head as a child would've filled up...I can't. It was over the line for me to joke about his head size as a child in relation to how he would have filled out that bee suit and I won't. I just won't. I love you all.