Thursday, March 26, 2009

Playground & House Tours

Ava is a girl who loves to go. She spends her days (other than Monday gymnastics and Sunday church) mostly at home. Some evenings demand a trip in the car. Whether it's getting lost on a dirt road looking for cows, or driving to Clifton to play at the playground, these little ventures seem to improve all of our spirits. (The playgrounds in Valley Mills are so icky-gross-scary, you cannot imagine the amount of Germ-X it would take to make them okay.) Anyway, here was Ava Loo on one of those outings. Her sunglasses from last year did not fit anymore (98th percentile for that noggin) so she borrowed mine for the car ride.

Josh snapped these while we played.

This is Ava's new "silly face".

Mamaw and Ava spent last Friday planting flowers and herbs to give our house some curb appeal. Ava loves to spray them with her green water bottle...sometimes she can even be coaxed into spraying an unsuspecting Daddy:)

A bazillion thanks to BaBa and Pops for coming to help us work on the yard, porch, and abyss that is Ava's closet. Do any of you have advice on storing baby clothes? I refuse to part with any of it, because I know we'll need them all in the (super distant 3 year-ish) future. But, oh my, the clothes are taking over our lives! I'm very open to storage suggestions. Anyway, the house looks SO much better, and maybe if potential buyers open the nursery closet they won't be attacked by a onesie.

Click on this link to take a virtual tour of our house. The tour pictures were taken the day BEFORE our workday, so excuse the jungle-like yard. It looks much better now. If you know of anyone who wants to move to the Waco/Clifton area let us know. (I left off Valley Mills, because who really wants to live in V.M? Plus, we are not in city limits so I do not claim it as our hometown.) Here are specifics on the house:

Quiet country location (feed the deer in your
front yard), huge kitchen, corner lot, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms,
jacuzzi tub in master bathroom, formal dining room, stained & scored
concrete throughout house, bedrooms carpeted, propane fireplace, energy
efficient washer/dryer, convection oven, trash compactor. We custom
designed this house from the blueprints to paint colors, only 2 years
old. If you love the shabby chic look, this is the place for you.

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