Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008 with Ms. Ava James Part 1

Beene Beene made this manger scene for Ava. It's the same one that the Raines kiddos grew up with, which is really special for me. Do you notice something missing in the manger?

Ava gives Mary the night off and rocks baby Jesus to sleep. As I snapped this picture she was singing "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep baby Jesus..."

These are a few of my favorite things.

I know this has nothing to do with Ava, but I had to show off my 4th grade-made turtle doves. I have the template if any of you teacherfolk are interested.

Let me explain about the mark under Ava's left eye in the rest of these pictures. A few days ago Ava ran and slid underneath a chair and bumped her face on the leg. The chair was no worse for the ware, but Ava looked like a prizefighter in all of the Christmas pictures.
Here's the featherweight enjoying a candy cane. After this picture she decided to use it as a hairbrush.

On Christmas Eve Ava spent some quality time with her new cousin Lynnde. Later that night, about 4:00 am, she was dreaming about Lynnde. In her sleep she kept saying over and over, "I hold Lynnde, I love her, I hold her, I love her." Eventually I had to wake her up so she'd stop talking about Lynnde. She loves her sweet cousin. Maybe she's ready for a baby at her house...hurry and get out of school Daddy!

Ava cooks in her little kitchen. I have no idea why she's standing in a bowl. She seems to really like cooking with the "real stuff". Empty egg cartons, coffee creamer, and spice jars are her favorites. A blossoming chef, perhaps?

Rolling out sugar cookies...

just like Daddy (it takes a strong man to use a pink rolling pin).

Cutting out the dough (note the wardrobe change, we had too many cute Christmas pajamas to show off).

Icing the cookies with Mommy

Munching on cookies before bedtime

Posing by the goodies

Last year I made this plate at Practically Picasso for Ava's Santa cookies. It says, "Dear Santa, I have been good! Love, Ava James".

Let me see if those cookies are okay for Santa...

Mmmmmm, Santa's going to love the frosting...if Ava leaves any for him. (This picture makes me laugh and laugh.)

The next morning we saw that Santa brought Ava (and Mommy) a pink dollhouse. He must have really loved those cookies. We have named the family of dolls who live in the house, the dad is Nat, the mom is Norah, the boy baby is Neil, and the girl baby is Nelly. We were on a musician kick. The family's last name is Loving. ***Make sure to watch the video of Ava's dollhouse discovery at the bottom of this post. It's long, but worth it to see her final sweet words.***

After a scrumptious breakfast, we went to celebrate Christmas with BaBa, Pops, Nate, Sarah, and Brandon. It was a relaxing day with family. We hope they all have fun on the ski trip!

More Christmas pictures to come soon as we celebrate with the Locketts! Until then, enjoy the video below (coming soon, technical issues).

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k and c's mom said...

Oh, what sweet little pictures! We had the same Nativity set for Chris and Katy. Chris would always remove the Baby Jesus to take care of. Thanks for a great post!