Monday, September 15, 2008

After school fun!

Ava says "I love u" in the bathtub. These days it looks like she's bathing in alphabet soup!

Coach, Josh's dad, brought Ava this shirt at her first ultrasound. It finally fits! She had just put on Josh's socks and shoes (all by herself) and she was so proud.

This is the FABULOUS bulletin board outside my classroom. Our theme this year is "One family under the same sky." The background is Olympic newspaper pieces, and between the hands we wrote the lyrics to "With my own two hands". Thanks to my creative husband for a great display that wasn't too babyish for my 4th graders!

One of our neighbors had a birthday party. Even though Ava and one of the birthday girls were too little for the inflatable slide, they played happily in the baby pool. Ava appears to be dancing in this one.

Ava and London share big girl secrets.

So many things are happening around the Lockett house. I've been ordered not to say much about the future plans, (no, BaBa and Mimi, I'm not talking babies), but we'd love for you to pray that God will continue to reassure us of this path. Despite her unsettled Mommy and Daddy, Ava is happy and growing strong. These are her most recent accomplishments:
  • Say and sing all of her ABCs
  • Identify 7 or 8 of them by sight, and a few by sound (the other day she said "W mama, water, W" except she pronounces it "doublewoo")
  • Count to 10
  • Sign over 100 signs
  • Identify red, orange, yellow, green, purple, blue, pink, gray, brown, black, and white
  • Sing Do a Dear, Rock a By Baby, ABC, In a House In a Home, Colors of the Rainbow, Zoo Train, Signing Time theme
  • Twinkle and poop in the potty, yes I said's so much more fun than tinkle. She only wears a Pull Up in public or at night, but 95% of the time it's dry when we put her back in panties (or Elmo's, as she calls them). I consider her POTTYTRAINED!
  • Do laundry (help sort dirty clothes, transfer clothes from washer to dryer, put away folded clothes)
  • Distinguish and describe things by "big" and "small"
  • Log roll (thanks to Daddy)
  • Jump from heights that scare everyone senseless (On the way to the ER after plummeting off of BaBa and Pop's stairs I asked her what happened. She replied, "Jump.")
  • Spin
  • Identify most animals and their sounds, even the bunny who apparently says "hop"
  • Tell you who rides a school bus and what they do ("Girls and boys ride the bus, they go home to eat." exact phrasing)
  • Keep everyone abreast of recent developments (as she runs past you she'll yell and sign "I'm running")
  • Blow bubbles
  • Identify most of the trains from Thomas and Friends
  • "Dress" herself (heaven help you if you try to help her put on panties...yikes)
  • Make her Mama brag like you can see. Josh and I adore Ms. Ava James, and I'm sure if you suffered through that list you must love her too:) More pictures soon!

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Lindsay said...

I love the picture of her in Josh's shoes! She is too cute!!